Wilderness Foxes offers outdoor weekends of hiking or canoeing for women over 40.† These weekends are paced for women who donít hike every day and are novice at canoeing.† We not only cook delicious meals, but teach you the skills you need to enjoy nature and have a great time.† With your one time membership, you will receive an official certificate of membership, an annual newsletter and an event calendar.†


We arrange these weekends for maximum nature, beautiful scenery, and minimum exertion.† There are a variety of weekends offered; camping and canoeing, summer hiking and waterfalls, fall hiking in the beautiful colors and staying in rustic cabins with stone fireplaces to relax in front of.


These weekends are all-inclusive. Transportation from the Nashville area to a cabin or campsite and all equipment, gear, food and expert guidance is provided.† All you need to bring is yourself, appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes.† We take all the worry out of enjoying nature.† Donít miss this opportunity to live these great nature getaways with guidance from women like you who just want to see the great outdoors in a whole new light.



††† Canoe & Hiking Trips Offered

Be a Fox...a Wilderness Fox!

Canoeing and Hiking Trips for women over 40

Guided outdoor weekend trips designed for women over 40.


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Be a Fox...a Wilderness Fox!

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