Hiking and Canoeing trips for women over 40

   Wilderness Foxes


Thursday, October 26, 2006    


The Last Word with May B. Woods   

by Jeff Havens

May B. Woods, a program coordinator at the Owen Graduate School of Management, got hooked on nature during a four-day hike along the Appalachian Trail more than a decade ago. In March, she took her love for the outdoors to a new level when she launched Wilderness Foxes Outdoor Experiences, a company specializing in all-inclusive outdoor adventures for mature women.

“I have long wanted to share wilderness experiences with other women who might be afraid to go alone or feel they are not in good enough shape to do it,” Woods said. “Wilderness Foxes is the only adventure club in the Southeast tailored to the ‘mature’ woman. Maureen Writesman and I guide these mini-vacations for women who want to experience the joy of the wilderness but never thought they could.”

Each weekend excursion is different, but most involve camping, canoeing or hiking. They typically take place within a state park or natural reserve protected by rangers, and participants’ only costs are for food and equipment. More information is available on the company’s Web site,

“There is nothing better than cooking over an open fire,” Woods said. “Wilderness Foxes does not push you to your limits – it gives you an outdoor experience within your limits.”