HIKING TRIP.  I recently signed on with the Wilderness Foxes for a package deal which included three days of camping and hiking at Pickett State Park.  My sedentary life style the past few years, made me skeptical of whether or not I could hold up to the rigors of hiking.  What a surprise — the Foxes kept me moving along at a moderate pace and before I knew it, we were at the end of the trail enjoying a wonderfully prepared meal under the stars.  The sunsets and waterfalls along the way were picturesque and we stopped along the trail to take pictures of the wildflowers.  The picnic that they prepared was eaten under a rock canopy where indigenous Indians once dwelt.  We slept in a cabin built by craftsmen from the height of the Great Depression.  What a great way to get up and move while expanding one’s knowledge of Tennessee history at the same time:  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to reconnect to nature.

                                                       - Barbara B


CANOEING/CAMPING TRIP.  In June this year, I had the most wonderful opportunity to participate in a Wilderness Foxes (WF) outing to Rock Island State Park.  I had always wanted to spend the night in a sleeping bag, in a tent—outside!  The WF provided transportation from Murfreesboro to the park and everything, from the pickup and return point, was taken care of.  Upon arrival, the tents were up, the sleeping bags were out, the fire was going and lunch was underway.  Immediately, after the WF cleaned up and told us to change into our bathing suits—we were going canoeing.  After unloading the canoes at the river, brief instructions were given on paddling and we were off, down one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen—waterfalls, high rock bluffs, turtles descending into the depths of the clear, cold water, soaring birds, and even sandy beaches.  After a bit, we pulled ashore onto a sandy beach, parked out canoes and entered (very slowly) into the ice cold water.  It was so invigorating. 


Each day we traversed the river, even on Sunday, our day of departure—we embarked on a wonderful trek down the river.  The Foxes were packed in less than an hour and returned us to our parked cars.  It was truly a wonderful experience that I will never forget—and I will do it again—soon, I hope.  I encourage any women who wants to have an outdoor experience to, without hesitation, sign up for a trip with the Wilderness Foxes.  Maureen and May—you are the best!

                                                       - Carmen

Why should you go on a Wilderness Fox trip?  This is what previous guests say about their trips.

What our guests have to say about their experiences.

CANOEING/CAMPING TRIP.  Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks...


I decided to get back in touch with nature and revisit my girl scout days.  Married 18 years with a 12 year old son and thought I would never explore camping again in my adult life until I decided to inquire about Wilderness Foxes. What a concept!!  May Woods and Maureen Writesman are the perfect guides.


I signed up for the Rock Island, canoeing and light hiking excursion, keeping in mind I have not been in a canoe since girl scouts but just have been dying to give it a try.  We are talking about EVERYTHING is preplanned for you starting with the detailed itinerary on what to wear, pack and or bring to the pickup and delivery convenient designated spot.


It was the most adventurous/relaxing weekend ever. We had 2 nights of camping with campfire prepared breakfast and dinner (lunch included but not campfire).  This excursion also included guided hikes alongside the Caney Fork River and not to mention 2 days of canoe lessons.  The water was COLD but soooo refreshing after hours of paddling.  Did I mention the beautiful water falls-- to die for.


Where and when in your life do you have time to just set back, look up at the stars and enjoy nature?  

It's never too late to take advantage of an adventure-- trust me-- IT'S ALL GOOD!

                                                                                      - Sylvia  B



HIKING TRIP.  In May 2009 I had the unique pleasure of taking the Savage Gulf trip with my friends, May and Maureen (aka "The Wilderness Foxes").  Those three days were more refreshing than any week-long vacation I have been on in recent years!  May and Maureen plan everything.  All you do is show up and follow them!  They tune into what their guests want so you never feel rushed.  They feed you delicious snacks and meals and then you walk off all those calories while taking in the beautiful scenery.  May grew up going to Beersheba Springs and took us on a tour of the area telling us quite a bit of history. We even spent an uncomplicated hour rocking on the porch of one of Beersheba Springs oldest homes while it rained.  The privately-owned cabin we stayed in was like staying at your parent's own little hide-a-way.  As good as the weekend away was, the best part was how happy my husband and son were to see me upon my return.  They go hiking and camping all the time and leave me at home.  This   time it was all for me!!  I would encourage anyone of any fitness level to take a Wilderness Fox trip.  You will be glad you did.


                                                                                     ---Barbara F   



Hiking and Canoeing trips for women over 40

   Wilderness Foxes

HIKING TRIP.  I have enjoyed every trip I’ve taken with the Wilderness Foxes.  Tennessee has the most beautiful parks and nature areas to enjoy and the WF make it so easy to explore and experience our state.  The hiking pace is just right for women over 40 and the accommodations have been excellent so far!  My favorite trip so far has been the Savage Gulf Greeter Falls trip in the beautiful Cumberland Plateau.  Of course, the Turner Cottage is fantastic!  Each trip has a unique community to visit and there is always plenty of time to sit and relax while May and Maureen cook!  How great is that????  I look forward to many more trips to come!  Keep it up M&M!

                                                                                     ---Amelia M



HIKING TRIP.  My second trip with Wilderness Foxes is coming up soon and I am very excited about it.  For my first trip, I wondered what it would be like to travel/hike/stay with other group members.  It was fantastic, we quickly formed a sisterhood!!  May and Maureen tend to absolutely every detail and the care they exude is reality felt.  Food: Fabulous….I had to have some of their recipes...their Black Eyed Pea Salad has been enjoyed by my guests and family at my home.  Fond memories!!

                                                                                     --Suzanne M



HIKING TRIP.  My first Wilderness Foxes experience with May, Maureen and our group exceeded my expectations.  What fun we had at Standing Stone, Cummins Falls, a winery, Mennonite stores and more!


I loved the mix of personalities, their interest in nature & history, as well as the humor and laid back spirit of the group.  Hiking the trails while allowing for picture taking time, and marveling at nature was great.  May and Maureen set the tone to make the experience delightful.


And the food….amazing!  Every meal was excellent, with a few surprises thrown in.


Thanks Maureen & May for your research, planning, and diligent work to make the weekend a high spot in my life.


                                                                    -                --Susan S



HIKING TRIP.  There are so many exceptional things about the Wilderness Fox trips, that it is a difficult task to describe my experience.  I love experiencing natures beauty with other women of my own age, who while we all come from different experiences, come together to delight in that beauty.  Food is always important and Maureen and May always prepare exceptional meals, especially breakfast.  My favorite meal.  Sitting around the campfire, just watching the flames and sharing our days experiences.  Laughter comes so easy.  All world problems solves!!


Sharing the history of the places we hike, camp and canoe.  Takes us back in time and we feel as if we are sharing our experience with the ones who have gone before. 


I certainly will be joining you in 2013.  Hoping this year there will  not be conflicts on my calendar and I can finally make the Savage Gulf trip.


Well just simply said, “it’s just fun.”


                                                                                     --Peggy R