Standing Stone


Standing Stone Cabin Trip.  The weekend will begin with a tour through the Mennonite Community and Tennessee’s oldest winery before heading to our cabin.  There will be easy hikes around the lake during the weekend.  On Sunday we will stop at the Cummins Falls Overlook to visit the newest Tennessee State Park.  It is a short hike to view the falls and check out the 10th best swimming hole in America. 


The park is named for a huge 10 foot tall stone which was the boundary between the two Indian Nations, Cherokee and Shawnee.  Daniel Boone was believed to have camped here around 1763.  The park is surrounded by the 8,490 acres of Standing Stone State Forest.


This will be an easy relaxing cabin weekend by the lake surrounded by the wonderful world of butterflies, 48 of the 139 species of butterflies in Tennessee have been documented in this park.  It is rated easy.

Hiking and Canoeing trips for women over 40

   Wilderness Foxes

Mill Creek Dam

Cummins Falls